Holi ‘Holi’


Leave thy home, o youth

I am George from England and, having worked at Jaipur Inn and assisted Pushpendra in the creation of his blog, have the honour of being the first foreign guest to contribute to this blog. I felt that I ought to because I have found this place, and indeed India as a whole, so exciting, dynamic, and have felt that it has had a transformative impact upon my life. I have found the inn’s embracing of the arts and the environment as part of the fabric of the homestay truly inspiring. I first took the leap and came travelling here in part as a result of the literature that I read, and would thus like to contribute the translation of a personal favourite from Petronius to encourage other young people to do the same.

Travel Green!

This clipping from last summer emphasises the surge in green tourism worldwide, which we feel needs to become a more focal element of the Indian tourist industry. At Jaipur Inn we have embraced many forms of environmentalism from upcycled waste used to create beautiful walls for our garden to recycled water. We hope that this inspires travellers and homestays alike to become more green in their outlook.

Hello from Jaipur Inn

As a community hotel we firmly believe that it is important to share inspiration and curiosity in order to create more memorable experiences for those visiting us. We have consequently set up this travel blog, filled with things that’s we find curious and of course with space for visitors from all over the world to contributed things that they find curious! This is our first clipping, about the beauty of living in a world free from technological interventions.

A fascinating piece on modern life by Ruchir Joshi